Adaptive Golfers Paves the Way for Players of Different Abilities to Have Fun on the Course

Gianna Rojas was destined to help grow the game of golf. 

Rojas, the founder of Adaptive Golfers, met Arnold Palmer when she was just seven years old. Born without her left hand, she found a way to play the game she loves and is using Adaptive Golfers to help empower people of different abilities through the game of golf.

“There is an opportunity, especially with grassroots efforts that’s looking at the non-typical golfer demographic,” Rojas said. “And that’s something we’re already doing, so it just aligns perfectly with the movement of Make Golf Your Thing and brings it to the golfers of other abilities too.”

Rojas & Adaptive Golfers focuses on having fun and making sure players with various physical and cognitive challenges use golf to improve the quality of their life, mind, body & soul. Adaptive Golfers puts on clinics, various programs and educational initiatives to engage players as well as help coaches & other golf industry members better understand how to work with golfers with unique challenges.

“It’s not just about trying to get a couple people to come out to a clinic,” Rojas shared. “It’s something hopefully we can build for people that want to be in that competitive pathway so we can help players with illnesses or injuries that may think they can’t play anymore because they’re not aware of all the amazing resources.”

Gianna Rojas

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