Range Fore Hope Foundation

Alvin King Executive Director / Founder

“Some are called, and some are driven to lead.”

Alvin King grew up in Brooklyn, New York and was called to join the military while in college.  Accepting the call to serve, King embarked on a 20-year military career that saw him serve multiple deployments while having a young and growing family back home. The experiences and training Alvin gained through his military career created the drive that has led him to serve the military and adaptive golfer community.

Introduced to the game while stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina Alvin King’s natural athletic ability quickly embraced a sport that challenged his body and his mind.  As many have come to experience becoming hooked on the game of golf means no matter how far one travels, the game is not far from their mind, therefore upon retirement Alvin King sought to find a way to play the game he was obsessed with as much as possible.  In 2018 King created the ‘King Fore a Day’ a Veteran charity golf event to support South Carolina based non-profit Veteran’s organizations to combat the impact of PTSD within the community.  The drive to serve once again became Alvin King’s mission leading to the development of the Range Fore Hope Foundation which promotes an environment that fosters and encourages its participants through the programs offered to use golf as a therapeutic resource and an adaptive alternative to combat the effects of PTSD.  The foundation additionally intends to act as an advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion on and off the golf course.  As King learned during his military career not only does the servicemember serve, the families of servicemembers also serve as the support system, therefore Range Fore Hope provides programs and resources to active-duty service members, veterans and their families to ensure no facet of a participant’s family is left out.

Range Fore Hope Foundation led by Alvin King and a diverse and experienced board of directors developed partnerships with PGA Hope in the last 2 years to offer lessons and share experiences in the game of golf.  In year one 125 participants attended programs and in 2022 that number grew to 310 using two golf courses for range sessions and clinics led by PGA Professionals.  While serving the military community Alvin found the great pleasure the game provided to adaptive golfers, therefore in the spirit of leadership, in May 2022 Range Fore Hope Foundation began program offerings for adaptive golfers including instruction and tournaments that are bringing participants from states throughout the country to South Carolina. Proceeds from the Make Golf Your Thing Grant helped offset costs for PGA Professionals who provide instruction and to purchase adaptive golf carts.  Alvin King lives the true spirit of servant leadership, and through his example active-duty military, veterans and adaptive golfers who have served in the military and some who have not are getting the opportunity to experience the game of golf with their families to better their lives.  To donate or volunteer visit www.rangeforehope.org.

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