Hope is the Key to Success On and Off Course at Golf. My Future. My Game.

Golf is a game for everyone and anyone can be successful playing it.

As their name implies, Golf. My Future. My Game. is rooted in the mission of inclusion. Everyone and anyone can tee it up and make golf their thing.

“Golf is a lifetime experience with unparalleled possibilities,” shared Golf. My Future. My Game. Founder Craig Kirby. “It’s important because everybody needs to have hope and to be able to wake up each day knowing their life can be better than it was the day before and golf teaches that.”

Kirby shared one of his highlights was when they gave a child in Detroit a set of clubs and the child couldn’t believe they were his to keep.

“And I told him, you can have them for as long as you want them, and so this kid had pride of ownership and an understanding that someone believed in him, and that belief let him know that he could do anything and that investment leads to hope.”

Craig Kirby, Founder of Golf. My Future. My Game.

And Golf. My Future. My Game. will continue to inspire that hope in a new generation of golfers through programs that are designed to open doors and expose opportunities by facilitating growth and highlighting careers that are available in the game, both on the course and behind the scenes.

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