Par Excellence Youth Development Inspires Huntsville, AL, Children Through Their Passion for Golf

Passion can be infectious.

That is the hope of the Par Excellence Youth Development (PEYD) in Huntsville, Alabama, striving to help kids achieve their golf goals through fitness, character and academics.

“If you educate a child, you’ll change their life, but if you inspire a child, you will change their world.” PEYD aims to do just that by using in-school & after school programs, mentorships, and other academic & athletic activities.

Executive Director Howard Bankhead has worked with thousands of kids over the years, but that isn’t slowing him or the organization down.

“It is the love of golf and sharing the game that drive me to impact lives that need to be impacted,” Bankhead said.

Howard Bankhead, Executive Director, Par Excellence Youth Development (PEYD).

And that is PEYD’s focus— Teach children from all walks of life the game that they can play for a lifetime and all the vital lessons that they can take to the other areas of their life.

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