LEO Golf Academy Encourages Kids to “Learn at Every Opportunity” On & Off the Golf Course

The game of golf, much like life, provides players with endless opportunities to improve.

The LEO GOLF Academy has built a successful organization in growing the game behind the mantra “Learning at Every Opportunity.”

The academy challenges kids around Montgomery, Alabama, to develop their character, life skills and values through learning how to play golf and applying the principles to the other aspects of their lives.

Quincy Leonard, the Founder of LEO Golf Academy, has taken the accomplishments he has experienced with his own children as the anchors to bringing new kids to the game.

“Watching my kids shoot their personal best and the kids I coach experience the game, playing for the first time or in their first tournaments, seeing those little highlights are great moments you can cheer for.”

Quincy Leonard, Founder of LEO Golf Academy

And that’s what the game should be all about; Creating a fun and loving environment that kids will want to come back to time and time again.

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